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New Game - Kafe Impian

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Kafe Impian is a game where you can experience shop management while you raise a pet. Players can select food menu whatever they like and purchase items to expand the store. Players can play anytime, anywhere with no stress of time limit.

Are you ready to move to your hometown and build a Kafe Impian ?
There a more over 100 menus you can select and order
This game have a storyline that develops alongside the expansion of the cafe.


  • 1. Grow the Guardian Tree and make your village and cafe grow strong than other

  • 2. Compete in regular event with other player around the world

  • 3. Manage the cafe and village with pets and make your cafe cute from the other cafe

  • 4. Exchange with your friends in a variety of product and items at stall

  • 5. Collect rare and special items when you walk with pets and explore the secret garden

  • 6. Collect the Pop Stand that can give you a huge buff